Introducing: Joan Quigley, President Reagan’s Astrologer.

Truth Group a.k.a. R.A.C.K.O! Here is a lil summary of the clip I found briefly outlining the involvement of Quigley in Reagan’s presidency.

Content of clip:

    • hired to read charts for one of the most notable and powerful couples during the xxx in US at the time.
    • many people believe she changed history
    • Quotes from Quigley:
      • The Zero Year Curse
      • Astrologers have noted an unusual conjunction between the planets, Jupiter and Saturn,  that returns every twenty years. The list of presidents who have died in office seem to ‘mysteriously’ be linked with the Zero Year Curse: all were elected in a Zero year. 
        • Lincoln elected in 1860
        • Garfield in 1880
      • ‘I timed all the press conferences, I timed most of the speeches’
      • ‘Every president elected in a Zero Year has died during his term in office’
    • After Reagan’s successful presidential campaign and election in 1980, his wife Nancy Reagan sought out Quigley’s services. 
    • Reagan escaped death in March 1981 when a bullet almost hit him during the assassination by John Hinckley. 
      • from then on Quigley used astrology for every important event to do with his presidency, even those nothing to do with his safety. 
    • Astrological Chart for Ronald Reagan’s Oath of Office – January 20th 1985
    • Critical moment:
      • perfect time: 11:32:25 am EST +5:00
        • video footage shows the audience member raising his hand at the exact moment for this to happen.
        • on the chart she looked at the parts relating to fortune, rather than a planet or a sign. It indicated the perfect time for the announcement in order to maximise the likelihood of senate approval
        • ‘it had to be so exact to the exact second’
        • ‘someone was sitting in the audience with a stop-watch and gave the signal for the president to announce that he was nominating Anthony Kennedy for the Supreme Court’
        • Quigley had carefully planned this timing though undergoing a complicated calculation based on the chart.
        • three months later, Kennedy approved by the Senate.
        • did Quigley’s calculation impact the outcome? This is the question
      • what was made clear by this incident, however, is that Reagan used astrology to help run his own life and his country…
      • after the defeat of Robert Birk (?) as a supreme court justice, the timing of the next nominee was entrusted to the stars….
      • Quigley created a chart for Anthony Kennedy to nominate him as justice for the supreme court ‘it was impossible to find a really good time’
      • She interpreted the symbols on the zodiac chart (2:10) to plot the perfect time when the planets would favour the new candidate
    • Astrological timings played a role in Reagan’s reelection
      • Quigley advised that they delay it until the last Sunday in January in 1984 based on a chart she found.
    • No attempts at assassination during his second term
      • due to increased CIA surveillance? Or because of the careful planning and timings of Quigley the astrologer?


This book might be of interest to take a little peak into to see what sort of evidence Quigley gives of her involvement with Reagan:

“What Does Joan Say?” My Seven Years as White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan – Joan Quigley