Scholarly Articles


Hi Girls,

I finally have access to the blog! (yay)
So here is a compilation of scholarly articles I’ve gathered over the past few weeks. I’ve attached the articles themselves with highlighted sections that I found most important/relevant to what we are looking at.
If you don’t have too much time, the most relevant is “ambiguities and dilemmas around #MeToo” as it follows a discussion between two women, and raises interesting questions about the legitimacy of the movement in itself, and the questions and issues that it brings forward (the two women self-identify as feminists).
I haven’t found more general articles on Twitter as a platform for the ‘voiceless’, so will keep on looking into that a bit more and let you know how it progresses!



#MeToo, Statutory Rape Laws and the Persistence of Gender by Leslie Y. Garfield Tenzer — SSRN copy ambiguities and dilemmas around #MeToo cultivating ambivalence empowering communities through social media empowerment in action The #MeToo movement is at a dangerous tipping point – The Washington Post copy The #MeToo movement’s feminist dystopia | Coffee House will you accept this twitter apology