Document A (ideas meeting), 22/02/18

We discussed potential themes to focus on for our project. It seems we are leaning towards an interdisciplinary study of race relations, using the recent Black Lives Matter movement in the US as a case study. Using this as a building block, we will look at not only the various documents that surround the movement (both presently looking at the recent uprisings in Charlottesville and historically through comparing it with the Black Panther Party), but also the different ways that ideas surrounding this movement have been documented, such as through film, TV and social media. Politics, Geography, Philosophy, Film and History are all relevant and will all be discussed.

Here are some key terms and documents we find essential to this theme:
– Social movements
– Black culture and popular culture
– #BlackLivesMatter
– Charlottesville, Virginia
– Black Panther Party
– Black Panther Party manifesto
– Black Socialists of America
– Kehinde Andres – Back to Black (book)
– Russel Brand – Under the Skin (podcast)
– Deeyah Khan – White Right: Meeting the Enemy (Netflix documentary)
– Spike Lee – Blackkklansman (film)

Here is a potential research question we came up with (subject to change):

What is the relationship between ‘social movements’, their practice of documents, and documents about them? A case study of race relations in the US and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

We will use the week ahead to read, listen to, or watch some of the documents listed above, and re-group next week to move forward on formulating a plan and a question.

Kistina and Ares