Week 3 Reflection

Week 3

In our last meeting, we had discussed possible new topics as we still had not decided on a single topic yet. We had talked about adds like the Gillette add and how problematic some of us view it. There seems to be obvious virtue signaling in the video, whereby the majority of the consumers are being alienated from the narrative presented in the video. Personally, I saw it as blaming a majority for something that a small minority does. Is it an attack on an entire gender? There is a self-righteous “How could you? or I would never or you should NEVER act this way” undertone that is unfit for an add. Obviously, the producers and creators of the video may have had ulterior motives when they filmed this add. It created controversy, which is what a lot of companies like to do. 

This add, specifically, isn’t that important to our presentation. However, it raises some crucial questions that we are currently discussing. For instance:

  • Is virtue signaling in adds appropriate? 
  • Do these types of messages in adds alienate consumers?
  • Should adds avoid political/social narratives and issues?
  • To what extent do company owners have an obligation to address/tackle social issues in their adds or policies?
  • Should virtue signaling be allowed, because it is part of freedom of expression/speech?
  • Is virtue signaling connected to political correctness?
  • Finally, is political correctness incompatible with freedom of expression/speech?

Here are some links on virtue signaling to help clarify what it is: (Warning: some have satire!)




Uncertainty Group C- Week 2

Week Two

In our past meeting, we discussed our ideas pertaining to ‘uncertainty’ and possible topics for our presentation. Due to the fact that our group consists of Politics and English majors, we will attempt to combine the two disciplines through focus on things such as:

  • language used in speeches made my political figures
  • freedom of expression in modern democracy
  • the power of words in (social) media
  • virtue signalling

By the end of our next meeting, we hope to have chosen our topic, understand what we would like to achieve through this presentation, and have an idea of how we would like to present it.

Introduction -Week 1

Week 1: Introduction

After discussing the objectives, aims behind the research project put forth by Connor. Leeyan, Yuxin, Maha and I  immediately created a common WhatsApp group for communication purposes.  As of now, we are brainstorming on various topics. As most of us are politics majors we were finding it a bit difficult to think of a topic that would be quite interdisciplinary in nature.