Group D – Communication – First Meeting

Group D:

Nicola Screawn – Major in Politics

Molly McCullough – Major in History

Laura Casellas – Major in Film Studies

Josephine Steiskal – Major in Film Studies


In order to combine all of our major disciplines with the sub-theme of communication we thought about a historical and political event and how accurately this is communicated to the general public and possibly other countries (e.g. Germany and Spain). The contemporary turbulent political situation here in Britain makes Brexit an unavoidable case to explore. We are intrigued by how this event is portrayed in the mass media (documentaries, newspapers, social media, etc.) and how effectively the news travel beyond the British boarder. The challenge we face here is the extensive information provided which we decided to narrow down by merely focussing on one specific day of the Brexit journey.


  • What day of the Brexit journey is most relevant to explore?
  • What documentaries, newspapers and social media are Brexit orientated?


  • Come up with a research question
  • Narrow down the media research and think about what coverage we should focus on

What are your thoughts?

Best of luck to all the other groups!