Week 1 Meeting- Sebastian, Ladan, Kayoko and Greta

-Began our conversation by sharing our essay questions to see if there were points of contact amongst them, themes that we all touched upon

-We found that most of us explored the documentation of wars and political violence  and the impact of these documents in their narrative/memory of them

-We talked about using the documentation of conflict as a starting point for our presentation

-What form of documentation should we focus on? 

-One of our teammates used paintings as a form of documentation in her reflective essay, so we talked about possibly using moving image/photographs and art as documents to base our presentation on 

-We discussed one of the case studies explored by our group members in their reflective essay. The essay was focused on oral history as a form of document and we reflected on the difficulty of understanding a historical event with limited documentation. 

-An example that came up was Joel Meyerowitz and his photographs of the rebuilding of Ground Zero. After the attacks to the World Trade Center the area was closed to all photographers except Meyerowitz, who became the sole photographer to have access to the site. Meyerowitz documented the Center’s transformation over 9 months time. We reflected on the importance and bias of these documents and wondered if a series of  documents of this sort would be interesting to consider for our presentation. 

-We settled on war as a theme to focus our research of documents on. We decided to each bring a case study related to documents of war to our next group meeting.