applying theories to our research

Today we met as a few of us could not make the session on Tuesday morning. We began by discussing two theories. The first was Baudrillard’s “Simulation Simalcrum” theory. The second was Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore’s ‘The Medium is the Massage’. We contemplated how we might apply each theory to our individual topics. I am going to be researching and discussing the Andy King customs interview in the Fyre Festival documentary and so I have decided to apply the ‘Medium is the massage’ theory and am currently reading the book in order to do so. We then decided as a group that due to the Fyre Festival being so recent, with very little scholarly work written on it, we would have to improvise. I decided that a survey might be useful, and as a group we came up with several question to include in order to better understand viewer reception and opinion of the events of 2017 as well as how people actually received and interpreted the Netflix documentary itself. The direction of our presentation feels much more clear now and we will share our research together on Tuesday morning.

Case Study: Fyre Festival 2017

We have decided to go in a slightly different direction, focusing still on crime, but in the age if technology and social media.

We wish to explore how old crimes such as fraud are now conducted in new ways, such as via social media and have collectively chosen to focus specifically on the Fyre Festival disaster and how through communication this all came to be. We are all going to watch the Netflix documentary released earlier this year on the Festival to prepare for next week.

Having already watched the documentary I observed how the founders of this festival utilised social media so powerfully to communicate with an audience who would invest millions on tickets, flights, accomodation, etc. The event was so heavily promoted using a network of around 400 social media influencers, building up a hype that meant tickets sold out almost instantly before organisers had booked any bands or arranged infrastructure.