Concluding thoughts on the presentation

As our presentation and research is coming to an end , I thought it is interesting to share this video that I recently saw on Freedom of Speech. It makes one understand that political concepts are so much more complicated than normal scientific concepts. Furthermore, my experience working with the group helped me sharpen my skills and gauge with interdisciplinary learning.

Pulwama attack leads to talks on speech and expression? Week 5

In light of the Pulwama attack in Kashmir. The concept of freedom of expression seems to have played a rather serious role in the turn of events .In the midst of heightened tensions between the two countries ( India and Pakistan), A number of controversies are being discussed and raged through social media platforms. for instance, Navjot Singh Sidhu , who is a well renowned T.V. personality, and a member of parliament got fired from his position on a reality show just because of a tweet which was politically incorrect . Is this justifyable ? Although with attaining certain rights such as freedom of expression ,comes responsibility however should there be such harsh limitations placed that an individual is removed from a position of office ?

Introduction -Week 1

Week 1: Introduction

After discussing the objectives, aims behind the research project put forth by Connor. Leeyan, Yuxin, Maha and I  immediately created a common WhatsApp group for communication purposes.  As of now, we are brainstorming on various topics. As most of us are politics majors we were finding it a bit difficult to think of a topic that would be quite interdisciplinary in nature.