13/03/2019 summary+outline+Future plan

Today we talked about the structure of our presentation. Here are some points that we mentioned during the meeting with Conor as well as the discussion among members.

Research question: Is freedom of speech compatible with political correctness?

Research aim: To analyse the principles and values of both free speech and political correctness; to introduce the theme of uncertainty and interdisciplinary research.

Research outline:

1. Introduction

Starting with the concepts of both PC and free speech. Do these two terms have strict academic definitions? What are the origins of them? If there is no agreed definition, what kind of definition will be used in our discussion? (presented by word cloud at first)

2. Outline

Methods: debate style, comparative conceptual analysis across politics, philosophy and media (qualitative).

Materials: scholarly articles and media coverage

3. Debate

Free speech VS political correctness, two arguments from each side with examples and detailed philosophical justification. We will try our best to make sure every member will contribute to at least one argument with solid evidence.

4. Conclusion

Theoretically, PC and free speech seems not compatible because their values contrast to each other. In reality, these two coexist (although not in their purest form).

Reflections on uncertainty: who should define free speech and political correctness? How can examples from different cultures/countries cover all theoretical values? people conceive these two terms quite differently, depending on their cultural and ideological background and their politic position.

Important!! Please prepare all arguments and examples and have a draft ready before Sunday morning.

Sunday 11-13 we will have a mock debate in the library.

Tuesday we will meet at Conor’s office hour at liberal arts common room.

Next Friday we will have a mock presentation with slides.

The day before the formal presentation we will have another mock.