Research Update

Over the past couple weeks I have focused my research around the instagram account FuckJerry, memes and how we can apply to this to our readings of Baudrillard and Mcluahan’s theories.

Studying FuckJerry is crucial to understanding the FYRE film as JerryMedia, the media company that spawned from FuckJerry, not only produced it, but also managed the marketing campaigns for the Fyre Festival itself. Certainly some bias needs to be taken into account. Some other news articles regarding the ‘ethics’ of FuckJerry and its dubious relationship to its content, which could also be considered.

Reading the history of memes has also been interesting. Studying some ‘Memetic Theory’ has allowed me to draw some interesting relationships with both Mchluan’s ‘Message is the Medium’ theory and Baudrillard’s ‘Simulation and Simulacra’. This combined with an analyisis of the memeability of the FYRE film promises some interesting conclusions regarding the effects of the documentary.

Meeting Tuesday 5 March

In this meeting we discussed with Angel the research that we have done over the past weeks. This included a close reading of the documentary most notable, or ‘memeable’ scenes. We also began to introduce the theory that we have been examining, which are Baudrillard and Mchluans thoughts on ‘hyper-reality’ and ‘the medium is the massage’ respectively.

Angel asked how we would be reconciling these two theories, believing that its worth considering it may be too complicated having both or at least make sure they work efficiently together. We more or less concluded that Baudrillard’s writing demonstrates the root of the problem we are trying to deal with, whereas Mchluan explains why we are examining the documentary specifically.

We also approached the question of why we are examining this and what we are trying to say with our study. We decided we wanted to tackle how social media was desensitising people, socially and politically, to genuine problems. There is a separation between representation of a crisis and the human reaction to it.

This led on to a discussion on our research question, which needs to be clarified in a further meeting to give our study a focus. We know that it needs to encompass why we are looking at the documentary and what we think it says about the way the world currently works or is changing.