Document A and B

Research question came up from the last week: conflicts of wars in terms of geographical, historical, philosophical and political theory. (using media theory or security theory and an idea of different area vs US) 

・We should narrow down more. 

・Flaming of a research question: How is media documentation of war in the US is different from other states? And we were going to answer to this with three quite different case studies, each of which have two sides. However, this might not be durable for 20 min presentation, and each case study might not fulfill the requirement of a specific documentation. For example social media cannot explain WWII in Hiroshima. 

・In order to argue the main argument, we need to discuss again what is the best case study. 


Last week we also discussed how media theory influences society and people’s responses.

・This is because all news could be potentially biased. Those who produce the news could have some intentions. 

・This is about the relationship between documentation and public opinion. 


Documentation of climate change could be durable to cover the research question, so we decided to focus on this case study. 

・Anthropocene theory could be useful theory to approach the case study. We can focus on human vs nature.

・How awareness of climate change is disseminated through documentation? 

・The climate change is needed to be documented because it  is a sort of an invisible war. 

・When you trace back to a certain period, climate change is demonstrated in a different war? In the 17th and the 18th, how extreme weather was described?

・We can use maximum three types of media, and we might have social media, academic documentation and so on could be useful in order not to be too broad. ex. Trump’s twitter. 


Next meeting: a conversation based on readings and a potential argument might we can make from the research. 

suggested readings:

Anthropocene or Capitalocene? by Jason Moore

Capitalism in the Web of Life: Ecology and the Accumulation of Capital by Jason Moore