The Digital Age – Ways of Seeing: Fragmented Perceptions of Sexuality in Art Through the Ages

Instead of posting weekly, I chose to compile all the ideas and research that I have carried out throughout the semester into a type of “visual essay.” Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Liberal Arts degree, and the freedom afforded with this final assignment, I took the opportunity to present all my material in what I hope is an engaging and innovative way. Furthermore, given the core text of our presentation, Ways of Seeing by John Berger, I thought it only fitting to introduce a new way of “seeing” or showcasing academic content through a more stimulating format.

I am including here the EXTERNAL LINK to the culmination of my individual portion of this research project, which forms the fourth and final case study for Fragmentation Group B. As we will be concluding in our presentation, my case study not only puts forward its own argument but simultaneously acts as the final part of our project as it sews together varied lines of argument explored by other case studies in order to deepen our understanding of key principles in Berger’s Ways of Seeing in relation to “art”.

Please get in touch if there are any issues with the link.


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