Presentation Format

I had the idea to present our research as an instagram account, @translationacrossdisciplines, after a meeting where Zhui Ning discussed the ineffectiveness of traditional media and academic research in the face of climate change and also from Maryam’s work about the power that words and imagery have together. It would also follow the recent trend of introducing more academic perspectives onto social media in order to pull academia down from its ivory tower.

One example of this is Maggie Matić’s instagram secondary instagram account @maggiematic connected to a google drive where she shares resources and articles that she has found interesting whilst completing her PhD in Contemporary Visual Feminist Culture. She also posts about certain articles/books she has found useful and also provides her own resources in order to make academia more accessible such as a glossary of terms about feminist theory.

Another more extreme example of academia being integrated into social media is the account @ripannanicolesmith where Kristen Cochrane, a PhD student studying Film and Moving Images Studies at Concordia University,combines critical theory with internet meme culture and pop culture icons. They are amusing yet somewhat jarring as she is freely mixing what some would regard as high and low culture, making the academia accessible whilst also adding criticism and analysis to pop culture.

For our research project, I thought that it would be interesting to present it via and instagram account because even though we have this blog, it would be good to have a record of our presentation that would be freely accessible to others interested in how social media can be used to mobilise people in the face of climate change, perhaps even utilised by activists currently in XR and Youth 4 Climate. This releases our research into the public sphere in a quick and accessible format. However as the slides are primarily for the purpose of a presentation rather than for the sole aim of informing an instagram user some areas are less coherent than others but if we had more time I would have liked to have designed a more informative cohesive account that could be understood entirely without the need for it to be presented. Yet despite its flaws it does introduce some theorisation and sources that would be valuable to others doing similar research projects in the way that Maggie Matic’s instagram account is. I think that it is an interesting way to present research as personally I often feel like a lot of the work I do enters into an academic abyss after I have handed it in and gotten my grade back never to be thought of again. I am not so arrogant as to think that my undergraduate essays would make any significant contribution to the discourse. Nevertheless it is satisfying to have something ‘to show’ for the work we have done on the project and something that is so easy to share with friends and family who are outside of the bubble of King’s College London, so that they can see what Liberal Arts actually is and the interdisciplinary work we produce.

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