Final Week Meeting Summarised

In the meeting on the 19th of March, we showed George some slides from our presentation. Our presentation has been divided into three broad sub-headings (rise in technology, data collection and language of privacy policy agreements), all of which we see as independent phenomenon and as tools that that be used towards the making of a surveillance state.

Each one of us spoke about our bit and George made notes – Kristabelle talked of rise in technology, Matthieu on data collection/ targeted adds and I on privacy policy agreements and their language. We also went through the marking criteria and noted that we needed to work on relating each of our individual scripts better and talking about our major disciplinary approach more explicitly. For this, we stayed behind after George left and worked on integrating our research and finding links. For eg-

  • How privacy policy agreements relate to erosion in human agency/ how they represents a facade of it

We discussed how we plan to look at conflict in out presentation- is it the lack of conflict we are focussing on? Lastly, we were reminded to think of a way to present our research in a concise way since all the material we had was going well over 20 minutes.

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