Document AB – Final Supervisor Meeting


During our final supervised meeting today we discussed the ways in which we could improve on our presentation and prepare for questions that may arise during the Q&A session that follows.

We identified the gaps in our presentation as:

  • how do all the topics we will be discussing (geological representations, mass media, film and social media) answer the research question we have formulated?
  • why are the case studies chosen relevant and how are they all useful in answering the research question?
  • reflecting on the research process, how do are the topics relevant to each other?

These questions that Conor raised during our supervision were helpful in aiding during our group meeting in directing us to ensure our presentation is cohesive and answers any possible questions that may arise during the Q&A session.

We were also advised to ensure our presentation is concise due to the strict time limit. Approximately 3 minutes per person exclusive of the introduction and conclusion.

During our group meeting, we went on to look into formulating a hypothesis and conclusion that would be able to answer the question in relation to each of our subtopics.

We formulated the hypothesis;

The challenges posed by the structural frameworks of different forms of media and the strive of each to appeal to specific audiences shows that media documentation struggles to fully represent the extent and complexity of the geological documentation of climate change.

We agreed that the hypothesis would be relevant to all our subtopics as well as incorporating media theory, as it is our main focus in this presentation. We then began to discuss how we would all coherently discuss the ways media theory is relevant to our subtopics; ensuring that the question is answered by all subtopics and we do not stray from the question, theory and hypothesis.

Individually we have all done relevant research on how media theory affects our topic thus we began to discuss how each of our subtopics is correlational. This ensured us to create a presentation with clear pointers of collaborative effort rather than a presentation which combined 4 separate subtopics.

We agreed to continue working towards the deadline on Friday to finish the final draft of the presentation, allowing us the weekend to practice and summarise our points for our presentation on Monday.

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