A part of each focus group’s short transcription

After we decided who will do what in our presentation, I was in charge of transcribing the answers given by the 9 participants to the section ‘space, place and topophilia’ of the questionary. This is a short version of my notes.

Focus group 1: 


=> people from the first focus group lived in London for 2 to 4 years, not born and raised in London

=> 2 people (bus and tube) out of 6 did not feel a positive emotional attachment to London (not sure)

=> cyclist felt like his mode of transport played a role in his emotional attachment to London because he loves cycling throughout London and loves the feeling of flowing and riding through traffic in London and loves knowing where he goes when cycling in London so this pleasures that he feels makes him having a positive emotional attachment to London because it is where he does something that he likes

=> bus: more emotional attachment to the people in London than to London => no ling with geography for him, still link with emotional attachment is negative because for him the public transports are frustrating, bus creates a negative feeling towards London because it is a city where you have to take public transport and that it is not something that he likes, rather live in a city where you do not have to use public transport

=> one tube said that sometimes if she is in a carriage listening to her music (emotional) and that she realizes that she is in London and that it is her city that she is happy to be in it, her  mode of movement plays a role because it is where she realizes that she is in London and happy about it => maybe it does not impact the emotional attachment or creates it but maybe it makes the person realize

=> tube: idea that it is such a big international city where many people are here for business that it does not really belong to anyone

=> tube and bus: combination => you know some parts so more connexion, some others are just completely ‘alien’ => you go there one time for a reason and never go back

=> place when you have an emotional attachment => cycling brings a different perspective because you discover, better knowledge it is not just popping out at a station, you experience the journey so more connexion with it

=> cycle:  idea of the borders of London popped up, interesting thing because even London as a space is quite contested, living in London does not mean anything in a way because of how big it is

=> for one cyclist => think of London as his home but at the same time he does not think of every part of London as his home, does not include West London for example

Focus group 2: 


=> 1 person living in London for 2 1/2, 1 for 3 years and one for 21years

=> one bus person does not have an emotional attachment to London, very ready to leave, never saw it as a home even if it is an enjoyable city full of opportunities, it is very overwhelming => negative emotional attachment because it is hard to live there, hard not to be isolated

=> one tube => very ready to go home => negative emotional attachment, affected by the fact there is no sun

=> one cyclist => feels a positive emotional attachment to London when he bikes around the city at night especially => make him feel better when he felt down

=> one bus and tube => feel trapped in bus or tube so creates a negative perception and negative emotional attachment BUT at the same time when need to feel better goes to Trafalgar Square or museum that she feels good in (find the place peaceful) so they are spaces (which become places) that she feels good in so thatch feels a positive emotional attachment to BUT she also avoids a mode of transport when she wants to feel good so transports in London creates an emotional attachment that is negative

=> bus => finds that London is a combination of spaces and places, where she has memories of her shows, where she shared things with her friends

=> cycling => places in areas that he knows => feeling of place is attached to knowledge and experience

=> tube => place are areas where she goes a lot, where she has a lot of good memories => feeling of place linked with frequency and experience, feelings

=> bus => says that a route feels like a place, not the bus that is a place BUT the bus routes because she has memories and emotional attachment to this route that she takes or took for months

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