Research Update

Over the past couple weeks I have focused my research around the instagram account FuckJerry, memes and how we can apply to this to our readings of Baudrillard and Mcluahan’s theories.

Studying FuckJerry is crucial to understanding the FYRE film as JerryMedia, the media company that spawned from FuckJerry, not only produced it, but also managed the marketing campaigns for the Fyre Festival itself. Certainly some bias needs to be taken into account. Some other news articles regarding the ‘ethics’ of FuckJerry and its dubious relationship to its content, which could also be considered.

Reading the history of memes has also been interesting. Studying some ‘Memetic Theory’ has allowed me to draw some interesting relationships with both Mchluan’s ‘Message is the Medium’ theory and Baudrillard’s ‘Simulation and Simulacra’. This combined with an analyisis of the memeability of the FYRE film promises some interesting conclusions regarding the effects of the documentary.

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