Week 8 Updates

We have met up today as a group and discussed our parts of the presentation. Leeyan and Ishani will be presenting the argument on the side of freedom of expression, while Yuxin and I will be presenting our arguments on the side of political correctness. We have created an outline that encompasses our entire presentation, including topics, timing, and source materials.

I noticed last week that all of the members of our group are of Asian descent and, because of that, we can all incorporate our experiences and ideologies that stem from each of our countries (China, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan). It will be interesting to explore the  differences between Western and Eastern definitions/stances on freedom of expression and political correctness. The values of each country greatly affect how they treat these issues and through what lens they are perceived. Exploring this also fits perfectly into our theme of ‘uncertainty’ as it is apparent that context, history, and location play an enormous role in determining how pc culture and expression are valued and implemented by these diverse societies.

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