Week 8 reflection

We have previously mentioned that our team has decided to treat our question as a debate. Therefore, two of us are going to be arguing for free speech, while the other two are arguing for political correctness. We plan on meeting tomorrow and have a debate style session to see which arguments are the strongest.

As I was searching for arguments that support freedom of speech, I came across four free speech theories: 1 ) Arguments concerned with the importance of discovering truth; 2) Free speech as an aspect of self-fulfillment; 3) The argument from citizen participation in a democracy; 4) Suspicion of government. These four arguments seem compelling, however,  the argument that I will be using in the presentation depends on how our debate goes tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Week 8 reflection

  1. Hi guys!
    Your topic seems so cool and the idea to present in the form of a debate is really interesting too as it will enable you to present claims and counter-claims both comprehensively.

    I found this article regarding the free speech v political correctness on campuses, think it might be an interesting read for you guys and add another contextual microcosm for your research –

    Good luck!

  2. Love the arguments on Free Speech. I think it is interesting to note how Free speech has led to an evolution in society especially How it has primarily contributed to history. I think it makes us understand how important free speech is becoming in society and in democracies today. In retrospect Without the right to free speech a number of historical events wouldnt have taken place for example the civil rights movement

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