Introductory Framework of Our Group Presentation

Overarching topic – Positive reception of Mapplethorpe’s works documented in the change of homosexually in the 1980s — > Analyzing the impact of Mapplethorpe’s works in London in the representation or inception of homosexuality in pop. culture

  • Change in sentiment might be harder to grasp
  • Representation may be more objective

Intro: Evidence of Mapplethorpe’s well receptiveness/ reception

  • Frame it so that it is surprising that Mapplethorpe was well-received
  • [Primary Source] Book
  • How MappleThorpe got highly acclaimed?

*Not commenting all homosexuality in the U.K.; specifically the subversive culture (can be broaden out to be general)

Theme: Democratizing leveling landscape

  • Help integrate people into a more normalized people’s mind
  • Hollanhurst says that Mapplethorpe’s camera does not flinch, unapologetic identity

Analyzing Mapplethorpe’s photography — > transitioning into explaining Mapplethorpe’s works’ impact

Introductory Framework –

  1. We believe that there needs to be said in regards to homosexuality in the 1980s that could be easily overlooked
  2. It is surprising that Mapplethorpe was successful in London

Showing that there has been such exerted effort to bring Robert Mapplethorpe into a cannon of artists

There’s a lot about him in New York but not in London, although he has a very influential impact

Academic discourse – elevating him into high-art and his integration with gay culture

  • Literature or the London Cultural Movement

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