Minutes 13.03.2019


  • Further refined our question, still needs further adaptation, “How does the enforcement of masculinity affect our uncertainty of knowing male emotions/feelings?”
  • In this way we have targeted where uncertainty lies in our project

Identified a structure for our presentation, as it stands it is as follows:

Philosophical argument about what it means to come to know someone’s feelings- behaviouristic argument

How is masculinity defined? – done through an analysis of literature- this conflicts with how we come to know emotion

In what ways is this understanding of masculinity enforced? – done largely through an analysis of mainstream media

Uncertainty – Thus there arises an uncertainty of coming to know male emotions- reflected by statistics. Further mainstream culture has such a clear image of masculinity it ignores the uncertainties of what it is to be a man

We have hypothesised that the enforcement of Masculinity creates uncertainty that we may come to know men’s feelings. It seems that the enforcement of masculinity is limiting men from expressing their emotions.

Data on MMH- Mind’s project demonstrated that various focus groups highlighted the issues of masculinity for expressing their emotions

+Further data psychological data suggests this

However, psychological studies show it is actually very specific aspects of masculinity that are affecting MMH and limiting us from knowing men’s feelings: 1. Self-reliance 2. Power over women 3. Playboy type- these are demonstrated in media through male gaze for example

Gendered Health care, company policies and political policies, and various projects support this and suggest that certain aspects of masculinity can actually be used in a positive light to help men access mental health support and thus this demonstrates that not all aspects of masculinity have detrimental effects on men’s abilities to express their emotions and seek help.

Future considerations – Identify some questions that we want to carry forward beyond this project.




Ongoing tasks

Everyone- meet on Monday and bring together our research and start the presentation, sort out the photographs for the presentation

Áine- Summarise the behaviouristic argument – how we understand people’s emotions

  • Select relevant data and case studies
  • Write what studies have shown

Anuschka- International gendered health care policies, company policy and political policies, quantitative survey data

Augustin- Elaborate on masculinity and how it is defined in literature

Mina- Find the relevant examples from film

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  1. Hi guys,

    Your project looks really interesting- I was wondering if you’ve decided to incorporate film clips and images into your presentation and in what way? Just in case you’re looking for more theoretical sources regarding gender/ sexuality in images, I think Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’ and Gardner’s ‘Art Through the Ages’ provide good overviews and are easily accessible via PDFs online.



  2. Hi guys,
    I wonder if you have considered what sexualised masculinity entails for social and cultural constructions of masculinities? There will be a network event on the topic “Masculinity Sex and Popular Culture” hosted by the AHRC in May 2019 at Birmingham City University that might interest you, even though it is after the scheduled presentations!
    Good luck with your research, it all looks great!
    Very best,

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