When money comes with strings attached -> spreading of normative values through humanitarian aid

Was live aid meant to bring development aid to Africa or was it just another case of covered up spreading of western normative values ?

Not a new phenomenon: colonial history is the history of spreading values through soft power. Crusades, Christian missionaries in the New World, war in Viêt-Nam, those are all examples of western values projected towards the West following the vision that these values should prevail. This is a pattern in World History and is thus an indicator of the direction of development in the world: from West to East.

For instance, the world-system theory illustrates this with the model of centre, semi-periphery and periphery: this sharing of the world has relevance in economics, politics, culture, etc. It is particularly relevant when it comes to humanitarian and development aid as, typically, aid follows the wealth gaps, coming from richer countries towards poorer ones. As a result, aid and notably money raised bears the vision of its senders, and usually comes with strings attached.

What does that mean? It means that, when money is raised in the West, whether it is through charities and individual donors or through international organisations which use countries’ contributions (IMF, World Bank), it is up to the West what this money is used for. Typically, this means that it is used as a spreading for normative values.

I will post later on the channels of such spreading

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