Basic Outline of Philosophical Contribution

In today’s meeting, we have been doing individual research and putting our ideas together when necessary.

We have initially discussed the order of our presentation, where I will start by discussing the philosophical issues raised from the identity of the transgender. Such issues will involve the dilemma of the justification of the belief in one’s gender after being transitioned. I might also discuss the strength of one’s desire for becoming transitioned overcomes one’s religious belief.

I will use the case study of the Chinese transsexual dancer and host Jin Xing, who has successfully completed her identity transformation to a woman and meanwhile being recognized as a woman by the public, to argue against the dilemma of the transsexual.

Next, Victoria will stretch the argument towards the vagueness of the transgender and issues in the imperialism of the German colony.

Emmanuelle and Augustin will continue to discuss the topic from the film/media perspective.

Still, we think it would be a good idea to make the philosophical approach as a ‘thread’ throughout the presentation: to react with the philosophical puzzle I presented based on their case studies.

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