Basic outline of Germany contribution

As a group, we decided that it would be helpful to post simple bullet points outlining how we think our research should be used in the presentation on the blog, so that we can look at each other’s ideas easily and respond if need be.

At the moment, it seems to make sense that my section would come after Syukie’s philosophical/theoretical introduction. I currently plan to cover:

  • Justify looking at the history of the ‘trans’ term – back to early 20th century Germany*
  • Outline Hirschfeld’s research
  • Transvestite pass: significance of existence, specific close reading of wording and how what it implies about identity is different from rhetoric today.
  • Highlight Hirschfeld’s ambivalent relationship to colonialism to think about how gender identity terms have always had a complex relationship to international issues.

*I think it could also be useful to establish exactly when terminology went from ‘transvestite’*, to just ‘trans’.

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  1. Sounds great! I could then follow up on this with my two-spirit example which would be part 1 of a 10min look into the case study of Canada. Augustin could then finish by using his academic example of French-speaking activist.

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