Minutes week 6

  • Due to being unable to get ethical clearance, we are unable to interview and hand out questionnaires in order to collect the data we hoped to collect
  • Instead, we are going to focus on using existing data and finding research that may help our conclusions along with looking at literature and films and political case studies in order to do our research
  • Interested at looking at international cinema and Mina mentioned doing some close analysis into a couple of films and the reception of men’s mental health and gender stereotypes in those films – for example, Split.
  • Also particularly how mainstream films i.e. Hollywood are approaching these topics
  • Also shall look these topics in literature and proceed with the same method, and do a comparison between how the two mediums present male mental health and the male gender stereotypes more broadly
  • We are attempting to get ethical clearance so that we can still present our information on the backdrop of portraits of men. Thinking about editing these in a manner which brings in the literary/ film references which we have been closely analysing
  • Talked about how we are going to talk about the limitations of our project- two key limitations at present have been the issue in getting ethical clearance and a lack of international data on these issues

Steps ahead:

  • Close analysis of films
  • Close analysis of literature
  • Comparison of these two, and what conclusions can we draw from these
  • Finding examples either in policy particular case studies that may illuminate this area
  • finding empirical research that may illuminate how the uncertainties around social conduct for men have contributed to the lack of expression of emotion from men.

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