New (provisional) research question

Was Live Aid effective in bringing development aid to Ethiopia or

Did Live Aid, as a Western humanitarian aid initiative, spread/reinforce normative Western values at the expense of the Ethiopians?

So, we want to explore the tension between humanitarian aid and normative power

By examining if/how the creators of Live Aid (consciously, perhaps unconsciously) profited from/exploited

  • neocolonial tensions regarding humanitarian aid and/or
  • exoticism/stereotypical portrayals of Ethiopia

And if this resulted in the spread of normative Western values at the expense of Ethiopia

Two angles: 1. from the audience’s perspective (how was it experienced) and 2. the implications (how it was created)

Find ways to connect these two angles.

Who is the agent in this project?

How much agency did the audience have?

How is agency manipulated?



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