19/2/19 Meeting

This week we discussed how we would like to use the Netflix documentary and started to narrow down our research question for the project.

After last week where we each discussed our responses to the documentary we have identified two key scenes that we would like to focus on, the Andy King customs scene and Maryann Rolle discussing losing her savings. We chose these scenes because they were some of the most provocative scenes from the documentary and thus some of the most discussed on social media. We compared the social media responses to the two scenes, which range from the memes of King to a very successful crowdfunding campaign for Rolle. Both scenes depict different instances of exploitation by the organisers of Fyre and so demonstrate how explicitly the festival can be viewed as a crime. At the same time, the documentary’s representation of these issues and how they have been taken up in wider media show how the complicated relationship between the documentary and social media.


Going on from this, we discussed how the documentary has become almost a spectacle that parallels the festival itself. We think this is one of the most interesting aspects of the documentary and has come about specifically because of the documentary’s use of social media in its marketing campaign. We decided that our research question will therefore focus on how the documentary ‘Fyre’ plays on the paradoxes of social media.

Beginning to plan the structure for the presentation, we have decided to start with an overview and context of the documentary, some background and exploration of FuckJerry, the company behind the documentary and the Fyre Festival promotional video, and then an exploration and analysis of the keys scenes we have chosen.

One thought on “19/2/19 Meeting

  1. Since you mentioned the way the documentary has become a spectacle in itself, and you called attention to the scene with Andy King, I thought it would be interesting to mention the way the internet turned to humour, and made hundreds of memes about King. This article: https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/2019/01/223124/fyre-festival-andy-king-meme-sexual-harassment discusses how what Andy King described was actually sexual assault, yet the internet chose to laugh rather than take the allegations seriously. This brings the question, how do we talk about and define crime on the internet, where dark humour, satire and memes have a huge amount of power? Perhaps if Andy King had been a woman, the story he told may have been less amusing, and more harrowing.

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