Reading List and some notes on meeting (see Rebecca’s post for more detailed outlined)

  • Is it exactly an accurate portrayal of his image?
  • How much has Columbia records had an impact on his image?
  • Can’t rule out that johnny cash is still a famous country musician
  • How much was his image controlled in the creation of johnny cash
  • Does the public person coincide with his outlaw identity?
  • Album covers, johnny cash backlit as a musician

Johnny Cash, Glen Sherley Greystone Chapel

Sounds kind of emotional


June sings with him

Makes it his own if he sings it every time

There are men here that don’t ever worship

Men who scoff at the ones who pray

I thank the lord for helping me today

Shower of light in a field of darkness

Reading/Watching List:

  • A Politics of Empathy: Johnny Cash, the Vietnam War, and the ‘Walking Contradiction’ Myth Dismantled Michael Stewart Foley
  • Johnny Cash and the Paradox of American Identity, Leigh H. Edwards
  • “The Way I Would Feel About San Quentin”: Johnny Cash & the Politics of Country Music, Daniel Geary
  • Singing across the scars of wrong: Johnny Cash and his struggle for social justice, Kenneth D. Tunnell, Mark S. Hamm
  • Johnny Cash and philosophy: the burning ring of truth / edited by John Huss and David Werther.
  • The Man in Black, Johnny Cash
  • Foucault chapter
  • Reception theory
  • Adorno on sound/music
  • Walk the Line film
  • Johnny Cash: the American Rebel
  • ReMastered: Tricky Dick and the Man in Black
  • Through the prison of song, positing an american idenituty, Therese Smith
  • All videos of San Quentin footage
  • Listening to San Quentin album and Folsom Prison album

Spyros analyses Walk the Line Eloise analyses Folsom Prison

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