Week 4 and 5

Week 4: suffered from a combination of sickness and absences. However, even though our group was unable to formally meet, we continued to communicate and collect material around our project to keep on track.

Week 5: Being the first time we got to meet since week 3, we decided to dedicate two hours to brainstorming and consolidating our material. In the end, with Rebecca as our scribe, we developed a rough layout for how we see the presentation unfolding. Rebecca has already uploaded our plan into another blog post. In addition, we broke the presentation up into parts that we will tackle individually over reading week. With the basic idea of our project coming together and as we have a better idea about what kind of theories we are going to base our argument around we feel confident that in a matter of weeks we will have a completed script.

So far, I feel our group has really come together and had a positive experience working as a group. No one seems to be doing less work than anyone else, we are all pulling our weight, and maybe most importantly, we are having fun doing it.

  • No external media was taken in this meeting.

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