Week 5 Meeting Summary

Before Reading week we sat down with George to discuss the themes of privacy in the technological age and the impact of technologies shaping our collective behaviours. We focussed on the possible ways of structuring our presentation- would we focus of the evolution of digitisation or this moment in history in 2019. We settled on reflecting on the developments of the last 2 years, of the significant policy changes and the increasingly explicit use of targeted advertising and data analysis. From fixed disciplinary institutions to fluid, over-arching technologies that we are now surrounded by.

We also considered presenting our findings either under the broad headings of pleasure/freedom, privacy and safety or looking at specific technologies and apps and weighing them under the criteria of how these make our lives easier vs. how these impinge on and/or change the meaning of privacy and safety.

We also filled out the consent form for ethical approval, and decided on a survey/focus group for our methodology. If we decide to do any of the surveys online, we could acknowledge that the themes we are engaging in are being performed as we collect data for research via the internet.

Reading Week Task: George asked us to start building a bibliography so we can go into interviews with theoretical underpinnings and specific examples to further discussion to our advantage.

Titles that might be helpful:

  • Radical Technologies – Adam Greenfield
  • Attention Merchants – Tim Wu
  • Extrastatecraft – Keller Easterling
  • Gramophone, Film, Typewriter – Friedrich Kittler

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