Pulwama attack leads to talks on speech and expression? Week 5

In light of the Pulwama attack in Kashmir. The concept of freedom of expression seems to have played a rather serious role in the turn of events .In the midst of heightened tensions between the two countries ( India and Pakistan), A number of controversies are being discussed and raged through social media platforms. for instance, Navjot Singh Sidhu , who is a well renowned T.V. personality, and a member of parliament got fired from his position on a reality show just because of a tweet which was politically incorrect . Is this justifyable ? Although with attaining certain rights such as freedom of expression ,comes responsibility however should there be such harsh limitations placed that an individual is removed from a position of office ?

3 thoughts on “Pulwama attack leads to talks on speech and expression? Week 5

  1. This case study is very interesting, but it might be worth considering how it relates to the issue of state security? Given that there are tensed international relations between Pakistan and India (especially given very recent developments), should we distinguish freedom of speech in time of peace and in times of war? Definitely an interesting question!

    • Hey guys , sorry for the late reply , yes definitely it does obviously relate to the issue of the state of security. I think this is why the definition and identification of freedom of expression and political correctness contain uncertainty connotations. For instance, to what extent can such comments and tweets be categorized under political correctness when the intention involves security. I believe this is why our conclusion relates to how political correctness and freedom of expression cannot exist in their purest form.

  2. This is an interesting piece, Ishani, and it does relate to freedom of expression, especially considering how large in volume the backlash against her was. However, I think it’s also important to recognise the grey area that exists with politics between countries. It can be a complicated affair because it is not necessarily a matter between the marginalised and those in power, but between two powers who are not fighting for equality, but for control. Also, I think it’s worth noting that almost all forms of language are going to receive a response whether it is good or bad. I think those that wish to voice their opinions should be prepared for that eventuality.

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