1. Correcting the Minimal Ethical Risk form:

  • “personally sensitive” questions are to be formulated and laid out carefully. There needs to be a possibility for people to opt out (a “prefer not to say” box for instance). The questions need to be generally formulated so that they cannot be perceived as an extraction by any kind of force of personal information. 

2. Defining the research question further

  • Question agreed upon last week: “To what extent are the uncertainties surrounding social conduct expectations limiting men from expressing their emotions ?” (probably taken as sub-title of a more general heading). 
  • “uncertainties, “social conduct expectations” and “men expressing their emotions” are the three factors that will have to be articulated together in the results obtained through empirical research.
  • important point for the contextualisation of the research: Àine found in her last reading that there is limited research about male mental health. 
  • possibility to include questions about nationality in the research (perhaps as qualitative questions in the questionnaires).

3. Thinking about data collection

  • reading about the designing of questionnaires and general methodology issues in social science research in Social Research Methods by Alan Bryman.
  • thinking about the sample size: 100 to 200 would be best. 
  • in addition to quantitative data, possibility of including qualitative data with “elite interviews” (perhaps from people within mental health care institutions, ideally by email) in order to fill in gaps and ambiguities that may come with the results of the quantitative research. 

4. In the next weeks

  • substantial amount of reading needed for the elaboration of the questionnaires. One interesting piece is The Colour Of Madness Anthology: Exploring BAME mental health in the UK by Samara Linton and Rianna Walcott.
  • we should start reaching out to our empirical sources around reading week (which means having designed the questionnaire and the interviews questions)
  • Week 8 is a good deadline objective for having collected our data in order to start processing it.

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