Week 5 meeting summary and reflections

We started with a quick catch up for last week as Emmanuelle and I were absent last week. Victoria suggested that instead of using PowerPoint, we could present our project by making a plan of different individual objects and link them together to illustrate our research meanwhile echoing with our theme of fragmentation. We all think it would be great to do so and I thought it would be even better if we use PowerPoint to demonstrate each individual object when necessary. I have shared my philosophical research last week on a paper ‘The transsexual dilemma: being a transsexual’ written by Nicholas Mason who is a transsexual. It is interesting that the opponent power driven by religion is mentioned in the paper. What’s more, it is worth to think about that as a Christian, Mason’s desire to change his identity overcomes his faith to Jesus, to ‘go against the God-given’. Such a point reminds Victoria of the German colonial issue and also India as a decolonizing state: As written on a CNN article, ‘in 2014, the Supreme Court of India established rights of equality and equal protection for transgender people nationwide’, which eradicates the old British policies.

When moving back to films, we thought it would be a good start point for our presentation to compare the transsexual norms in Hollywood movies/American pop culture with the norms shown in other cultures such as the German and the Chinese and then extend to further discussions in other disciplines.

We spent the last minutes in establishing the research question and have a rough one:

How are the Hollywood norms challenged through the transgender, colonial, spacial and comparative context from the identity aspect?

We tried to put the keywords together such as gender, transgender, power, desire and imperialism. Speaking of power, we all thought of Foucault who has studied power as an individual object. We decided to unfold our presentation by introducing the definition of power given by Foucault which will work as a good bridge leading to all the subtopics.


Mason, Nicolas. ‘The transsexual dilemma: being a transsexual’. Journal of medical ethics 6. 1980. 854-9.

Gupta. Swati. ‘Indian state takes a step forward for transgender rights’. CNN. [Accessed July 16 2018] <https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/16/health/india-kerala-transgender-laws-bill-intl/index.html>.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed update! It sounds like you are all converging on a more focused approach to the topic, one centred on objects which would not only allow you to reflect on each particular comparative context but one which would additionally correspond to the larger theme of fragmentation. I think this is excellent. I also wonder if you could additionally reflect on ‘comparative studies’ as being an essentially fragmented approach.

    Have identified your particular objects in the other contexts beyond Germany?

    I am looking forward to meeting with you all.

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