Week 4 Meeting Summary

Discussion: Today at our meeting we discussed how although we were very interested in VR, it might not be a feasible scope of a topic for us to do our TAD project on. So, we decided to spend the first half of the session brainstorming on how we could possibly incorporate the topic of digital media/ digitisation into the topic of research. We did arrive at the topic of “privacy” and “public conceptions” of certain topics. Which included, drug use, virtual reality etc.

potential RQ: Does privacy really exist in the 21st century? // What does privacy mean to people in the 21st century? // Do we have no choice but to be online?

Methodology: We then spent the rest of the time discussing what our potential methods could be in retrieving data for the research. We decided that maybe questionnaire,  focus groups or interviews are the best way to do so.

ie: “What does privacy mean to you” , “when should it be considered too much to share online?”

Split tasks: Each of us was assigned on aspect of privacy to look at. For example, identity theft, targetted advertising, youtubers on oversharing etc.

We were also advised by George to look at the book “Age of surveillance capitalism”.

Here are some links that talk about identity theft that might be useful to us 







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  1. Having taken a geography module in first year which for one week focused on a similar topic of non-human geographies and post-humanism, I think this is a really interesting and relevant topic for a research project especially with the rise of technological advancements we have seen in recent years. You might be interested in reading the work of Lorimer, H., 2014, ‘Human-Non-Human’ in P. Cloke, P. Crang & M. Goodwin (eds.) Introducing Human Geographies, Routledge: Abingdon. Best of luck with this research project, it sounds very promising!

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