Week 3 Meeting Summary

This week 2 members of a group were unfortunately unable to make the meeting, so all decisions about the progress of the project will need to be confirmed next week.

We discussed the different case studies we looked at (‘Boys Don’t Cry’; Weimar Germany; Trans issues in Quebec). From our discussion we decided that we would look at Hirschfeld’s research and American Linguist Imperialism as resistance to the simplified narratives produced by Hollywood cinema, potentially amongst other examples from Africa and China.

Since our last meeting, Emma and I have discussed the possibility of basing each case study around a material object (for example, the German Transvestite Passes), however we would need to make it clear why we were bringing material culture in conversation with film. One justification could be opposing constructed and exported narratives with the lived reality of trans and non-binary individuals.

One thought on “Week 3 Meeting Summary

  1. Thanks for the update, Victoria. I am glad to hear that you are continuing to explore the idea of anglo-americas linguistic imperialism around trans issues.

    I share your concern about bringing in material culture. There should be a coherent reason as to why you centre your discussion around a particular object, and why you continue to do this for all your ‘case studies’. However, this doesn’t mean that you should exclude a close reading of the transvestite passes, as they are an official governmental document that would allow you to explore some of the categories that were embraced to describe these identities. If you have any other similar documentation/objects from your other contexts, then you can easily justify this choice.

    I am looking forward to discussing further with you all.

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