Week 3 Meeting Summary (adding information)

In addition to Victoria’s very useful summary, here is a visual brainstorming from our last meeting.

We’ve also dealt with Trish Salah’s review essay, Undoing Trans Studies, in which she compares Judith Butler’s Undoing Gender (2004) and Viviane Namaste’s Sex Change, Social Change; Reflections on Identity, Institutions and Imperialism (2005) to examine trans rights discourses within the academic field. Salah also comes to analyse Bulter’s reading of Boy’s Don’t Cry – the film we want to focus on. Here is the link: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=–FUE6V8D9euSjO4AUg3Jf1sQ3zMt3d4k0P_w



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  1. Thanks for this, Augustin. It sounds like you have identified some of the main key theoretical readings which can help you frame your project and ideas.

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