Summary of Meeting 2

Following on from our brainstorming last week, we decided to focus in more on the topic of crime, particularly the commercialisation of crime as it has developed from the 19th century. We discussed possibly using Jack the Ripper as a case study.

We decided that we will divide the presentation into sections each relating to our major discipline, starting with a historical context, moving through the depiction of crime in 19th century fiction and then on to more modern interpretations and media forms. As a plan for next week, everyone will do some research to see what sources are available for their particular area of interest as it relates to the topic and see what themes/theories they would be interested in discussing. Possible ideas we discussed included feminism and how the fictional depiction of violence influences real-world crimes and the development of 19th century media that allowed for the spread of such stories.


Example of commercialisation: Jack the Ripper walking tours – how a historical event and violent crime has been commodified

Guided Walking Tours

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