Group meeting summary 23/01/2019

Last week we found that our essays were similar in that they all featured the ways in which dominant forces, such as governments, social normalcy or media conflict with marginal selves or communities. Gender was highlighted as a particular focal point within this realisation.

In response to this we decided to search online for different examples of current gender issues in order to decide our case study. These examples included:

  • Trumps decision to exclude trans people from the military (and the legal implications of this)
  • The recent controversy between supporters of the Mermaids organisation and how this highlights conflict between mainstream feminism and the trans community
  • The recent change to the grey-area ‘up-skirting’ laws
  • How toxic masculinity figures within the political issues and the part that toxic masculinity played in the rise of Trump

Following this we had a brief discussion about the comment sections of these articles, and how their anonymous and masculine qualities figure within these issues.

The objective of this weeks session was to make ourselves aware of variety of possible subjects for our presentation. Our task for next week is to write a number of research questions in our own time and share them with each other in order to begin to focus our discussions to one area.

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    This exhibition could have some overlap with the topics we are thinking about. “Together, these works offer insight into Keil’s investigations surrounding the impact of data-capitalism and digital technologies on contemporary subjectivities, while acknowledging how these are affected by the precarity of everyday realities.“

    Also the following event is being ran as part of Queer@King’s and would fit well into an exploration of trans identity & body politics in the media

    Thursday 31 January, 18:00
    Queer@King’s with… Jacob Breslow (Gender Institute, LSE)
    Council Room, King’s Building
    ‘Troubling Trans Precocity: Narratives of Trans Childhood and the Temporalities of Sexuation’

    In this paper Jacob Breslow examines what becomes of the trans child’s childhood in a context of widespread and institutionalized transphobia. Deemed too young to know their gender, and yet simultaneously precociously aware of gender, trans children are ambivalently positioned by those seeking their exclusion and those supporting them. Drawing upon media representations of trans children, a court case involving a six-year old trans girl, and narratives of trans childhood, Jacob seeks to articulate a transfeminist politics of childhood. Doing so, the paper brings transfeminist and psychoanalytic approaches together to unpack the relationships between childhood, the temporalities of gendered identification, and transness.

    This event is free and not ticketed. Everyone welcome

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