We shared a little bit about our ongoing projects with our dissertations, TAD essays and got to know each other’s majors. We noticed a recurring theme of discrimination running through our TAD essays and so we thought it would be interesting to come up with a case study to explore within that area for the group project. We also potentially talked about how we could explore the topic of climate change as well.

Essay abstract

This essay will explore the case study of heteronormativity in Singapore and how it affects queer identity in accordance to the theme of conflict. A conflict can be referred to as the existence of opposing forces as well as an active disagreement between opposing principles. The two opposing forces that will be discussed in this essay is that of the social norm of heteronormativity and that of the liberal non-heteronormative. This case study will delve into the tensions between the heteronormative and the non-heteronormative, sexual “dissident” population and how they are caught between such politics.¬†¬†Overall, aiming to address the heteronormative cultures in Singapore and the ongoing fight for the recognition of alternative sexual identities.




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