Cultural Imperialism, Anglo-Americanisation & Tech-Platform Imperialism

Some updates of key definitions that are essential to our project:

Cultural Imperialism

“Cultural imperialism is the economic, technological and cultural hegemony of the industrialized nations, which determines the direction of both economic and social progress, defines cultural values, and standardizes the civilization and cultural environment throughout the world.”


“the hegemony of western culture and the process that is leading to the establishment of a common world culture”

– Matti Sarmela, “What is Cultural Imperialism?”, in Carola Sandbacka (ed.), Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Identity, 13-36. Transactions of the Finnish Anthropolological Society 2, Helsinki 1977, (in Finnish 1975)

Technology Imperialism

“It is clear that the notion of imperialism has gained a new perspective in the midst of the rapid growth of new technologies.”

“The panacea of technology may reduce imperialism and domination to vestiges of the past; however, technology will always be the reality of human hierarchy and domination (Maurais 2003, Demont-Heinrich 2008), and digital technologies have buttressed U.S. hegemony.

Platform Imperialism 

In particular, when the debates reach platforms, non-Western countries have not, and likely cannot, construct a balanced global order, because Google (including its Android oper- ating system), Facebook, Twitter and Apple’s iPhones (and iSO) are indices of the domi- nance of the U.S. in the digital economy. These platforms have penetrated the global market and expanded their global dominance. Therefore, it is not unsafe to say that American impe- rialism has been continued with platforms. As in the time of Lenin between the late 19th cen- tury and the early 20th century, there has been a connection between platform and capitalist imperialism. Platforms have functioned as a new form of distributor and producer that the U.S. dominates. Arguably, therefore, we are still living in the imperialist era.

“Therefore, it is certain that American imperialism has been renewed with platforms, like the old form of American imperialism sup- ported by politics, economy, and military, as well as culture.”

– Jin, Dal Yong (2013), “The Construction of Platform Imperialism in the Globalization Era”, TripleC, 11 (1): 145-172

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