Week begin. 6/03

In between last week’s meeting and this week’s meeting, each group member had gone away and researched for their section¬†of the group project. This was to ensure that by this week’s meeting, we could all contribute and fill in the gaps to make sure that our project was interdisciplinary instead of multidisciplinary or disconnected.

In Thursday’s meeting, we began to formulate an argument and structure for the presentation. Our presentation will be looking at the voice of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, through his speeches pre- and post-Brexit and consider whether it is the context that allowed his voice to become powerful, or if it is what he is saying that has given him a platform to speak, or if it is a combination of both the context and Farage. In order to do this, we will look at the historical, political and geographical context in order to set the stage for a closer analysis of the speech. Georgina will be analysing the speech through the lens of philosopher Aristotle, whilst Merrick is going to look at the rhetoric and language of the speech as well as the media and communication which Farage used during the Brexit campaign.

I think, now that we all know more about what we are doing, we felt a lot more confident than we did before by the end of the meeting. Merrick also showed the group how “Prezi” works, which we think will work well for the project, as it shows how everything connects and will hopefully ensure that everything flows well. Our next step is to start putting a working script together, and we are meeting again next week (before the run through on the 20th with Sophie).

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