Facebook and sexualised images of children

Hey guys,

So this is something that happened very recently which questions the limits and self regulations (or absence of) huge contemporary media such as Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcnews/videos/10154461040417217/?autoplay_reason=all_page_organic_allowed&video_container_type=4&video_creator_product_type=0&app_id=800871226593160&live_video_guests=0.

Quite relevant since I feel like it gives us another controversial issue with contemporary media which goes beyond the domain of fashion/ art photography. Maybe we can mention in towards our conclusion as an example ?


2 thoughts on “Facebook and sexualised images of children

  1. Thanks, Pernelle! This is super timely. I agree that the best place for this might be the conclusion, particularly since the proliferation of visual media is only likely to increase in future.

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