Notes and links post meeting – Child bodies

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In addition to Guy Debord’s ‘Society of the Spectacle,’ we could look at Baudrillard’s analysis of media culture and ideology in ‘Simulacra and Simulation,’ to structure our argument. It may render our argument too abstract if we adopt the whole ‘hyperreality’ lens but his analysis of how media culture feeds into and shapes ideology in society could be v. useful. – v. brief summary here:¬†

Secondly, below are links to the clips I was referring to in the meeting. Please watch the Kusterica’s Time of the Gypsies clip because it is just spectacular:

Moonrise kingdom:

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3 thoughts on “Notes and links post meeting – Child bodies

  1. Hi Reuben, thanks for the links! Can you give a bit of background for the time of the gypsies extract ? Or what you thought was significant about this scene in the light of our discussion ? Its definitely got amazing visuals and I feel like the aesthetic plays a big role but I havent seen the film so its hard to say.

    • Hi Pernelle, sorry I thought I’d mentioned – It’s a symbolic representation of loss of virginity. It’s a shame we won’t have time to show the whole clip because I think it will be hard to extract a few seconds which sufficiently reveal the clips essence.

  2. Thanks for these, Reuben. I think incorporating the Baudrillard into your larger analysis of media culture would work well, particularly as a framing device for understanding your texts for analysis.

    Thanks also for the clips!

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