Narrowing The Scope

In our last meeting, we discussed the value of satire, and specifically ‘the value of satire in a satirical world’. However, we decided that using this as our presentation question would be difficult due to its broad scope so we threw around ideas for more focused questions. Below are a list of potential ideas (although feel free to add to this guys if you can remember anymore):

– What is the value in depoliticising the hyper political?: A casestudy of SouthPark’s commentary on Donald Trump.

– What is the comic value in satire?

– Damaging Or Empowering? What is the value of laughter during a political epoch?

– Does satire challenge its audience, or does it preach to the converted?

– ‘The ability to shock’: Has satire lost its value in a world of extremes?

– SouthPark: Offensive or Subversive?

The Guardian and The Independent both have articles claiming that the makers of South Park are going to ‘back off’ Donald Trump jokes because he has become too difficult to make fun of. (Although Anthony did not believe that the producers would be so quick to back away, and that this is perhaps a media spin on a conversation with the two producers).

The articles are here:


We also discussed the idea of a ‘satirical world’ – can reality ever be satirical? Or does it have to be satirised in order to be so?

We set ourselves targets to read academic articles about SouthPark and select clips from series 20 that we find particularly compelling. We’ll then bring these ideas together in our next meeting.

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