Voice Group B- Reflection for Week 2 begin. 30/1

Following the previous meeting on Friday, the group had looked at speeches in which they would like to possibly study for the meeting on Monday. Interestingly, a few members in the group had decided that an interesting study topic would be one of the many speeches in Donald Trump’s election campaign. We discussed Donald Trump’s use of voice in his speeches: his own powerful use of voice and his suppression of minority voices.

The discussion in the meeting surrounded how Trump’s political rise to fame, and eventual election, may have its origin in the suppression of the minority voice, and amplifying the majority voice. This is evidenced in a YouTube video of a campaign speech that Trump gave in Wisconsin which appeals to the majority voice through his promise to represent their repressed voices in politics again. Trump therefore creates a powerful voice for himself by pledging to make his voice a compilation of the voices of those who see themselves as disenfranchised. It is interesting, however, that Trump tries to include the voice of the minority here by the repeated mention of African American and other minority groups (a possible response to previous criticism of his treatment of minorities). The video can be accessed here:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdVwZlhQjHU.

As this is an interdisciplinary project, it is an amazing and unique opportunity to draw on many expertise to create a project that benefits from interdisciplinary collaboration. We must therefore be mindful that we collaborate in an interdisciplinary way, rather than a multidisciplinary way, to ensure that the project is not just a sum of our expertise, but creates something that is better for the collaboration.

During the meeting, the group decided that a good way to communicate ideas outside group meetings was through GoogleDocs, which allows everyone in the group to edit a single document. We have shared ideas on here and this document will allow us to fine tune our ideas in the coming weeks. We are meeting again on Monday 6th February, an important opportunity to pull our ideas together.

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  1. Looking back at this the week before our presentation, its interesting to see how our source set has altered from the original intention of just using speeches. Whilst we originally intended to use one source and interdisciplinary methodology, our content is now highly interdisciplinary. It now involves a historical comparison, geographic spaces as well as speeches. The content is now highly interdisciplinary, so we’ve all been able to bring approaches and skills from our own respective disciplines.

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