Questions to consider and things to do-

  • Do we want to do one case study or two?
  • Audience engagement? In the form of a poll? If so, how do we present the ‘facts’ of the case before polling?
  • Types of evidence- confessions, media reports, alibi verifiers (like TV schedule or movie program)
  • Facts- through news headlines
  • To speak for 3-4 mins each- What are our 3 mins each? (1-2 pages A4, single spaces)
  • To meet next week with what we think we’d like to talk about, what aspect we want to focus on (legal restrictions, technical and formal film making style, language and bias, media reporting, confessions, etc.)
  • To compile bibliographies and think more about format of presentation.
  • Will it be speaking or recorded speaking overlayed with sound or clips or visuals?
  • Handouts with bibliography, case info., any other information that’s interesting and relevant but we weren’t able to cover, flow of argument.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 17.21.27

I’m also hoping this will be the opening slide. Errol Morris’ consistent view that truth is objective, with an unarguably strong example. (?)

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