We hope you all had a lovely Easter and are all ready for the last term of this year!

Over the Easter break we asked you to try to turn off any unused equipment, shut windows and recycle your waste to help reduce our carbon footprint, as we did over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks to your brilliant efforts we were able to reduce emissions between 2nd April and 7th April by 95 Tonnes of CO2, which equates to around £23,379! Fantastic! 31% of the reduction occurred in our residences, who (hopefully!) were inspired by our Easter shutdown poster.

The recent incident at Strand also of course had an impact on our electricity use during the holidays. The initial impact of this appears to be a saving of 18.8 Tonnes of CO2 (around £4,000), with this saving likely to be higher once gas figures are verified.

These are great results for the Easter shutdown and highlight how you as individuals are making a huge positive impact towards us reaching our 43% carbon reduction target. Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing the results of the next shutdown!

Here’s something fun if you want to try to reduce your waste when drying your hands! http://youtu.be/2FMBSblpcrc

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