This week, EcoSoc talk about an exciting event coming to King’s on Monday 23rd March 2015: The Environmental and Ethical Careers Conference. 

The EECC offers students and recent graduates of King’s College London the chance to see and hear about the diverse array of organisations and opportunities in these two areas, and will provide sector-specific and role-specific careers advice that is otherwise difficult to find. The EECC is made possible by alumni donations to King’s Community Fund, and is co-organised by EcoSoc, the Careers Department and Sustainability team at King’s.

Sustainability and ethics are increasingly no longer just options for businesses, but a necessity to ensure long-term profitability.  The EECC will showcase a range of organisations with sustainability and ethics at the heart of their business and provide King’s students with the employability skills that are increasingly crucial for them to secure jobs after they graduate, through the multiple workshops running during the day.

For those students seeking a career that is both kind to their wallet and kind to the world, the EECC is the perfect opportunity to learn about the range of opportunities on offer.  The EECC will have many of the companies conventionally associated with ‘ethical or ‘green’ careers fairs, such as WWF or Amnesty International, but seeks to also look beyond this to showcase the wide array of ethical and environmental careers available and the diverse roles on offer.  We will seek to showcase diverse opportunities such as environmental consultancy with PWC, driving sustainability at industry giants like Unilever and Ford motors, environmental journalism at the Guardian, and becoming an environmental lawyer with some of the largest legal firms in London.

The format of the conference will be a combination of a careers fair in the Great Hall from 12.30 to 14.30 and a series of sector specific talks throughout the day on Strand Campus.

In the Great Hall, students can meet and talk to representatives from an array of companies that have sustainability and ethics at the core of their business, from industry giants such as Unilever to conservation charities like WWF.

The series of talks opens at 10.00 in the Edmund J Safra Lecture Theatre. This will provide an introduction to the EECC and an overview of the growing opportunities of ethical and environmental careers from industry experts.  Following on from this introduction there will be subject specific talks from 11.00-16.00 on Strand Campus.  Each of these talks will be focused on sustainability and ethical opportunities in one of six specific sectors: Law; Finance; Government and Conservation; Research and Industry; Media, and; Food and Retail.  The talks will each be one hour long and delivered by a panel of experts in the relevant fields, and include a Q&A session for students to get answers to any burning questions they have.

The EECC offers something for all students at Kings; whether you are set on an ethical career or just interested to find out what opportunities are on offer and how they compare to roles you have been considering, the EECC is for you!  The information on offer, the chance to talk to industry experts in a diverse array of fields and the plethora of key employability skills to be gained are not to be missed.

The Environmental and Ethical Careers Conference (EECC) will take place on Monday 23rd March 2015 and we look forward to welcoming you to the event. If you have any questions or would like further information, please email

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