Hello there!

I’m Justin and I have recently joined the Sustainability team as a new Sustainability Projects Assistant. I couldn’t be more excited about joining the team and the great work being done.
Justin Fisher

I have recently completed a Master’s course in the history of science, technology and medicine here at King’s. One of the first modules I took as part of the course was environmental history, and over the past year I have become increasingly fascinated with the role of the humanities in addressing environmental concerns as well as interested in sustainability more broadly, which has led me to this position. I believe that universities have a special responsibility to be leaders in this area, and this is an exciting time for King’s in this domain. I am particularly interested in the role of individuals and in the creation of cultures of sustainability.

One thing I will be working on is turning this blog into a platform for sustainable engagement. It is a valuable medium for the team to keep the university updated on its events, but we also want it to be a medium for staff and students to contribute to the discussion and share their ideas and passions. Would you like to contribute? If so, please do get in touch. Keep your eyes on this space for more regular posts about all things sustainable.

Outside of this role, I am an avid reader and enthusiast of ultimate frisbee and ice hockey, among other things. I’m a Canadian who is very much enjoying exploring the UK and learning about our subtle cultural differences, often by unwittingly embarrassing myself.

If you’ve got questions about what we’re working on or how you can be involved, please do be in touch!