Conference trip to France

Author: Diana

One of the best things about studying in London is that travelling around Europe is fast and inexpensive. So every time I have an opportunity to go to a different city, I don’t even think about it, I just go. For me travelling means so much more than just to visit a different country. I think that when you travel you also learn a lot about yourself. You get to know what it is that you are capable of, and you mature in so many ways. Estrasburgo Continue reading

Traveling throughout Europe

Author: LeeAnn

As an international student, one of my favourite things to do whilst in London is to plan trips to other places throughout Europe. I’ve always loved traveling and Europe makes it so easy and relatively cheap to get to different parts of the continent.

The first thing to think about is whether or not you need additional visas or paperwork for the places you plan to travel to. This is dependent on your nationality and information can be found online. Moreover, make sure that you always have all of the necessary paperwork and identification to re-enter the UK when you return from traveling.

Once you have chosen a destination and have gotten your paperwLeeAnn - Europeork in order you can start to think about transportation. StudentUniverse offers discounted flights to students if you sign up using a student email and has been my go-to site for flights back to New York and around Europe. You can also compare prices using sites like Kayak and Opodo. Usually airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet are relatively cheap. However, these discount airlines typically do not offer amenities, such as free snacks or drinks. Additionally, you will have to pay to check baggage on these airlines, so it pays to travel lightly! If possible, pack your belongings in a carry-on bag and be sure not to have liquids more than 100 ml. If you choose not to fly, you may not face the same restrictions. There are many different train services, such as EuroStar, throughout Europe that can be reasonably priced without as many restrictions. Many countries offer their own train services as well. Be on the lookout for student pricing when booking your tickets – it can save you a lot of money!

After figuring out transportatiLeeAnn-Europeon, it’s time to look for accommodation. Hostel World and Airbnb are both good places to begin looking if you don’t know anyone local where you are going. I’ve had positive experiences with both sites, especially after booking places with good reviews. I prefer these options to many hotels because I’ve been able to get cheaper, nicer accommodation that is more centrally located, which ends up saving money for local transportation.

Finally, enjoy your trip! Europe has so much history to offer and each city and country has its own “thing” that makes it famous. During the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, Reykjavík, Iceland, and Aalborg and Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s so amazing to see how other people live each day and learn about the different cultures that we are surrounded by in London. Traveling has allowed me to experience such a variety of different things and has made me truly appreciate how lucky I am to live in a city as vibrant as London.

Travelling Around the UK

Hi, my name is LeeAnn and I am a Master’s student at King’s studying Biomedical and Molecular Science Research. I am originally from New York and this is my second time living in London. One way I like to spend my spare time is by traveling around Europe and the UK. Living in London makes it so easy to travel and there are so many historic and beautiful places to see not too far from central London.


I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a number of places throughout the UK and was surprised by how close many of them are to London. A great deal of the traveling I’ve done was in a group with a tour guide and other students at Uni in London. This took a lot of the pressure off because I didn’t need to book transportation for these trips. Some of the places I went in this group are Wales, Stonehenge, Bath, and Canterbury and Hever Castle. The trip to Wales was a lot of fun because I had the chance to walk around historic castles, go spelunking, and meet new people. The people I met on this trip ended up being involved in this travel program with me for six trips and we all ended up getting very close. I think one of the best parts about traveling around the UK is that since so many of the destinations are within two hours from London, there is no need to stay overnight. Of course, it can be nice to extend the trip sometimes but it makes traveling much more affordable.

Some of the places I’ve visited without a student tour group are Oxford, Dover, and Brighton. All three of these locations are easily reachable from London by bus or rail and relatively cheap to get to. Walking around Dover was a lot of fun and the view is gorgeous. Even though it is only about 1.5 hours away from London, it feels like being in another world. That is the same feeling I had in so many of the places I vi1969688_10152285823859905_1073385783_osited around the UK. They are all so unique and very different from the hustle and bustle of London. It can be very nice to take these types of day trips to escape the stress of schoolwork and explore different parts of the country. I learned so much about the UK by taking these trips and I am looking forward to planning some more!